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  • "I have finally found a good tally app... I've allmost tried them all. Although.. A nice extra would be, being able to share tallies through facebook or mail."

    Stijn Verwimp

  • "Easy and intuitive, this counter is exactly what you'd expect. The app allows for multiple custom counters, and the widget updates automatically. Great app."

    Alex Griffen

  • "Excellent simple counter. I'm using it to help me quit smoking. Can easily track my daily usage. Love it!!"

    Mario Comandatore

  • "Very well designed light app. It serves beyond my requirements. I think this is the only app which can count multiple items. Thanks. Keep it up!!!"

    Ajith Karunaratne

  • "Very good for keeping track of number coffee so other things you want to limit"

    Ran Ji

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André Lourenço

André is a software developer that loves to learn new things and develop simple Android apps that can help millions of people!

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